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updated sat 22 oct 05


Andrew_M_Casto@PROGRESSIVE.COM on fri 21 oct 05


Here some ideas from a guy who is bored at work (at my "real job") and
likes to think up names...

1. "Revelstone Clay Works"
2. "Revelstone Mud Station"
3. "Revelstone Clay Crafts"
4. "Revelstone Studios" (and/or gallery?)
5. "Revelstone Handbuilding Pottery Place"
6. "Revelstone Free Beer and Chicken Pottery Studio"
7. "Revelstone Center For All That Is Good And Right In The World"
8. "Revelstone Palace"
9. "Revelstone, ache and groan, marscipone, talk on the phone, pottery
thrown, gallery shown, wear no cologne, studio not on loan" (format
blatently swiped from Ray on CarTalk)

Ok the last 5 were jokes.

Have fun with it...

Andy Casto