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partner for ceramic production in gta wanted

updated mon 24 oct 05


Felix Povod on sun 23 oct 05

Hello, everybody ! I am ceramist-designer, model maker and mold maker of
slip-cast glazed flower pots in modernistic style. My experience in
ceramics is equal to 10 years. I have 27+ interesting models of ceramic
pots and vases for flowers and plaster molds. I live in Etobicoke, GTA,
Ontario. I'm looking for a partner(s) to start up and organize ceramic
small or medium-sized production in GTA or join existing ceramic
production to enlarge assortiment. This production looks like to be
promising, but it's not possible to do everything by oneself. There is no
an absolute need for you to have some experience in ceramics, the most
important thing is to have good command of hands and will to come to
success. All neccessary information (photos, explanations etc.) is
available upon request. My e-mail address: I'm waiting
for co-thinkers. Felix