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mfa at hood

updated tue 25 oct 05


Nancy Udell on mon 24 oct 05

Hi All, I'm posting the following on behalf of Joyce Michaud at Hood

Hi all,
Hi Tony, thank you for your support and letting your
students and fellow Clayart folks know about the clay
programs at Hood. We are looking forward to your workshop.

Nancy told me about the interest and questions about the
Hood programs on clayart and she offered to post my

Here is the scoop:
Hood College currently offers a Graduate Certificate in
Ceramic Arts. The certificate requires completion of 18
credits in ceramics. We offer flexible scheduling.

Flexible scheduling means nights, weekends, and intensives;
night classes are one evening or two evenings for a
traditional 15 week semester, intensives are two, three,
four, or five days or two weeks. The intensives meet all
day each day, usually 9 am - 5 pm, but some courses (esp.
the firing courses) require varying times.

We are moving through the final stages of the approval
process for a MFA in Ceramic Arts. We will begin accepting
new graduate students for the MFA as soon as we receive the
final approvals, which we hope will be Spring 06. Our new
studios are ready and we hope to have the new reduction
kiln built by the end of the semester.

The MFA will require 60 credits. MFA candidates will have 6
years to complete the degree. Candidates must be accepted
to the graduate school and the MFA or certificate program.
Candidates enrolled in the certificate program can apply
for admission to the MFA program and most course work will
apply toward the MFA degree.

A significant number of credits in the MFA program can be
completed without a residency requirement. Recognizing the
difficulty of paying for graduate studies without the
ability to earn an income, Hood's MFA will continue to
offer the flexible scheduling that we began with the
certificate program.

We are looking for skilled candidates, but do not
specifically require a BA or BFA in Ceramics in order to be
accepted into the MFA program. The certificate program
offers courses for those who need to increase skill and
produce the body of work needed to move into the MFA

On campus housing is available for our summer intensives.

Hood continues to offer a BA in Art with a studio
concentration. In addition to the undergraduate ceramics
courses we also offer community classes in clay and a full
range of workshops.

In addition to our regular workshop schedule, we are
delighted to have Pete Pinnell coming February 17,18 &19,
2006 to teach Glazes Slips and Terre Sig. and October 20,
21,22, 2006 to teach Firing Theory and Tony Clennell to
teach Selling Everything But Out; Composite Forms, November
3,4, 5, 2006.
We are also looking forward to Jackie Kerins teaching
printing on clay April, 2006.

If you are interested in any of our programs feel free to
email me at, or call the office at
301-696-3526. You can also find lots of info on our web

For info about requirements for the graduate school, the
graduate certificate program or to apply to the Hood
graduate school and the graduate certificate program go to
the grad school web page:

Admission to the grad school requires a completed
application, transcripts, an essay (include all experiences
with clay and your goals) and 20 images of your work
(include a resume if you have one), a CD or a sheet of
slides and a list of the images with info about each piece.
If you fill out the application on-line the $35
application fee is waived.

I hope this answers some of your questions. I look forward
to hearing from you.


Joyce Michaud
Director of the Graduate Ceramics Programs
Hood College
401 Rosemont Ave., Frederick, MD 21703