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making ash / poplar /optio 60

updated fri 28 oct 05


Gary Navarre on wed 26 oct 05

Hay Crew,
I figured out I don't necessarly need a new computer just yet and can
still use the lab at Wal-Mart to put some shots from the Pentax Optio 60
on CD. I rearanged the Fotkis into folders with new shots. One thing that
bothers me is what seems to be a default contrast setting I heard about
but I guess I can fix with a decent editing program. No point getting that
untill I get a better machine.

The other day I drove up and a small Poplar had fallen in the drive.
After letting Rick know I realized I could snip the leaves and twigs for
ash and he could have the rest for fuel in his body shop. I wondered how
well the Optio would capture difficult night lighting with a clip on shop
spot and set up the tripod. Turned out kind of neat especially on Fotkis
new slide show. Takes a while for the first cycle on dial up but it is
quicker the second time around, try I only ended up with about
50lbs. of stuff, (what's that? 3 oz. of ash?), but I needed the exercise.

What's a potter to do with all this ash? Well, some wash the caustic out
over a time. After this basic
seiving I brought the buckets in to keep from freezing and can finish
screening in studio. I posted some new shots of the room somewhere in

One neat feature of this camera is short movies with sound and Wal-Mart
upgraded one of their costumer use machines to include the vidio on the CD
along with the prints. I took two shorts, one with a sound test for
distance, and wonder if that could be uploaded somewhere. Haven't asked
Fotki yet but I think they only upload stills. The sound is crap but I'm
restacking the Koie cooker taper.

Read how my planets were lined up and it cautioned me about an accident,
not too serious, but I'd learn from it. The lesson? Always lock your SD
card untill it is uploaded somewhere. You can guess the accident.

Keep the green side up and stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA