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things i learned my first year away from school

updated mon 31 oct 05


Patrick Green on sun 30 oct 05

All this school related talk has gotten me to thinking
about my own experiences of the past year, My first
year way from college. While my goal is to get into a
grad school and continue from there, I thought it
funny to take note of a few things I learned out here
that I would never learn in school. So here goes.


1. Order Clay before you run out, and order only what
you can manage. Running out of clay and then ordering
can shut you right down!!
2. If used to reduction work, do not expect your
glazes to be worth a thing in oxidation, ALWAY TEST
3. Be very aware of your available space. Just because
you are used to having a few 100 or 1000 square foot
of studio doesn't mean you will have it!!!! And don't
buy things you have no space for!!!
4. Running water isn't always a must! A bucket can be
very useful
5. Barn studios are awesome......Until that first cold
snap!!! Have a back up throwing area if you can!
6. Cats, always, need , attention!
7. Connection with other potters is a must! If only to
how some one to bounce stuff off of. Because you will
likly end up in a place where those around you have no
idea about what you are doing, and don't care to
8. Don't trust other peoples wiring on used Kilns. I
feel this one is particularly important after having
watched my kiln explode in a hail of sparks the likes
of which any pyrotechian would be proud of!.
9. Be perpared to make pots you aren't in love with!
personally I dislike making plate (they seem so plain)
and plates are the majority of my orders.( I would be
frustrated if I didn't love Irony so much!)
10. Alway and above all else be flexable!! change and
unpredicabilltity come with the territory. its amazing
how much you will learn when you have to. And don't
let the little things like your Kiln's wiring blowing
up discourage you, they aren't that difficult to
rewire anyway :)

AWHHWHHHH, well thank for the ear you guys and gals!!!


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