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hotels in portland for nceca

updated sat 5 nov 05


Deb Sether on fri 4 nov 05

Had to reply to Barbara's email about hotels around the convention =
center. These are all fine, but Portland has fantastic public =
transportation. It is also a fairly safe town, and I feel comfortable =
walking alone there at night (in most sections anyway!) There is a light =
rail train that runs right by the convention center and is very easily =
accessed from downtown (and it's free from downtown!) and Northwest =
Portland. Downtown Portland and Northwest Portland are very vibrant =
after hours. Great eating, shopping and lots of activity. When I lived =
in Portland I use to lament that it was harder to find a parking place =
in the evening than during the day!

Northwest Portland has a great hotel - The Inn at Northrup Station which =
is right on a cable car line that connect directly to the light rail. =
Large suites with kitchens, living and dining areas for around $100. =
Also, another favorite is the Mallory hotel. A refurbished old =
fashioned, elegant "Grand Dame" of a hotel. It has the advantage of =
being close to Powell's bookstore (a must visit!!!) - it also runs about =
$100 a night.

If you stay near the convention Center - head east up Broadway, past =
Lloyd Center, for the better, more interesting (not chain) restaurants =
and shopping.

If you don't all fall in love with Portland - I'll be amazed - it is a =
great town!

Deb Sether
(former Portland resident now living east of the cascades mountains in =
beautiful Sisters, OR)