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updated sat 5 nov 05


Barbara Brown on fri 4 nov 05

I've had several emails asking for advice about hotels for the Portland N=
CECA 2006
(March 7-11) so went to my 2005 Portland, Oregon AAA directory and found =
the hotels nearest the convention centers and will list them for you. (Th=
e 2005 directory maps make it hard to find the convention center and the =
hotels around it. I have an old directory which is much easier to read.)=
All of the hotels offer a cheaper rate for 10 rooms or more.
I will be listing the hotels by the number that they are in the 2006 AAA =
37. Courtyard by Marriott 503-234-3200
$119 and they have lots of rooms.
38. La Quinta Inn Portland 503-233-7933
$84 rooms available 7/8/9 just a few =20
left for 10/11 free continental breakfast
39. Doubletree Hotel 503-281-6111
$159 rooms available
40. Residence Inn by Marriott 503-288-1400
$119/189 free full breakfast
41. Red Lion Inn (all 174 rooms are booked=20
already by clayart members and this is=20
where the clayart room will be)
42. Shilo Inn 503-234-4391
$110 free continental breakfast
All these hotels can be gotten for cheaper rates. These were the rates t=
hey quoted me when I phoned the hotels tonight. Get a AAA directory a=
nd map, see where the hotels are and book them soon if you plan to go to =
The official NCECA hotels are all across the river from the convention ce=
nter and you take light rail to get to them.
They are:
Hilton Portland 503-226-1611
Portland Marriott City Center 503-226-6300
The Benson 503-228-2000
The Paramount Hotel 503-223-9900
Hope this information helps.

Barbara Brown
1225 Manzano Way
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089