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booth display/ikea shelving yes!

updated tue 8 nov 05


marianne kuiper milks on mon 7 nov 05

I agree with Joan. We have IKEA all over the house,
including at least 3000 very heavy books (for light
reading :) held by IKEA shelving. My light-weight
Ivar shelving currently holds another +/-2500 music
books! Look in the "as is" section (bring tools) for
dinged-up stuff you can turn around or fix. The
cheapest stuff (for workshops) is actually one of the
strongest. I use those and have for 25 years (Toronto:
first N.A. IKEA) Some come apart - all or in sections-
very easy for moving.

I also like the idea of cubes and tall cubes(?) made
of particle board to store the stuff safely inside
when on the go. Heavy, though. Velcro them together in
whatever configuration and they're very stable during
the fair/show.

--- Joan Conklin wrote:

> Hi Sharon,
> You might want to consider IKEA shelves which
> configure in many different
> ways. I have the ability to make them fit the space
> of the show, paint them
> different colours, hang back drops behind pots,
> configure spot lighting. I
> got my display lights form IKEA which have small
> clips for hanging and
> velcro to tie down all the cords. In addition, I use
> the same shelves in my
> little studio display area when I am not taking them
> to shows. One think you
> must consider in looking at the display units that
> are from suppliers is
> there ability to carry the weight of pottery. Many
> are designed to handle
> flyers but not pots. And ....I can tell you I am not
> this was my
> easy solution.
> Have a great day. Joan in Vancouver
> >From: Sharon Miranda
> >Reply-To: Clayart
> >Subject: booth display
> >Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 19:37:25 -0500
> >
> >Hello clayarters:
> >I'm trying to upgrade my display. I've searched
> (for hours) on the web
> >and in clayart archives and come up with 2
> companies that have
> >something interesting for me. (Unfortunately, I am
> a complete klutz
> >when it comes to building anything, and my
> inspiration and imagination
> >is strictly limited to clay - and a few other
> things, but NOT building
> >stuff).
> >Here they are:
> >from there is a thing
> called The Arrangement
> >- a metal structure which can be set up in a W,
> with triangular
> >(plywood) shelves to go in any position.
> >Or
> >from a combination of wooden
> shelves with slats
> >that can be put together to make bookshelves.
> >This one is pricey.
> >
> >does anyone have any experience w/ either of these
> 2 companies or set
> >ups? Do they work? Are they hard to setup? Are they
> stable? Are they
> >worth the price?
> >Any help is appreciated.
> >I need a setup that I can fit in a van w/ all my
> pots, and that I can
> >put up by my lonesome.
> >Thank you,
> >Sharon
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