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your halo is slipping

updated tue 8 nov 05


clennell on mon 7 nov 05

If you post on this list often enough you will find you piss someone off. Is
everyday with your spouse , partner, friends like wedded bliss? The Ramshead
Pub is a good place to meet but we do have more than one table we can sit
at. I usually go to the same table everyday until someone new comes along
that interests me and then I invite them over.
Mel is a good read. I have read 99% of his thousands of posts. The only ones
I don't read are the ones he says in the subject line- Please read. If you
are read everyday there will be a slip of the tongue or someone will find a
way to mix your words or they are offended by your words and then you are
made to feel bad and bugger off for awhile. then someone zaps you and says
you are missed.
Why don't you all go adjust your halos. I won't bother because I don't
believe in heaven or hell. I believe in composting.
Your angel in bluejeans withone foot in the grave and the other on a banana
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario

Craig Martell on mon 7 nov 05

Tony was commenting:
>If you post on this list often enough you will find you piss someone off.

Hello Tony:

Now that above comment really pissed me off. 8>) Yep, bound to happen
with the number of people reading the list.

I'm not Talking, Don't ask me what I have to say
If I say things are splendid, Someone would be offended
If I said things were awful, It might just be unlawful
I'm not talking, it just don't pay.....................................Mr.
Mose Allison

regards, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon