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apprentice follow-up expl.

updated thu 10 nov 05


marianne kuiper milks on wed 9 nov 05

Hi everyone,

There seems to be confusion re what I am
looking/asking for.
Let me try again.

Two yrs ago we had 2 exchange students for the year.
One was a girl from Germany, named Lisa Walter.
(Other one from Kyrgyzstan - we adopted her)
Families became friends, they invited us skiing feb
We met/invited their then 16 yo son to spend time with
He, Daniel, LOVES ceramics. Very artistic
Daniel is profoundly deaf from meningitis,can speak,

Daniel was here for about 4 weeks, 1 at Peters Valley.
He learns fast, wants to be a potter.
No possibility for lessons/studio in Germany
He goes to a deaf boarding school in Freiburg.
Weekends home by train to Ueberlingen near

He LOVES America and its people. Finds them kind &
English is quite good, wants to improve.
Wants to learn more pottery and watch potters. Help
He needs/wants to be independent - never is at
Now almost 18 yo.
Hope to find him a place where he can stay/live/work,
4 kws?
Will pay for room and board.
Learn/practice in exchange for helping in your studio.

I am not a good enough potter to teach him what he
know now.
I am from Holland and know this is not simple in
But...if you know of such a place in Germany, that
would be
FABULOUS, esp. for future contact!
Daniel can stay here, but better somewhere else. For
It's not quite exchange st. but apprenticeship (base
Throws quite well, has some nice tricks, surface deco
good, careful. Patient, precise. Loves
I can send pix of what he did here.

Sorry it is so long - still trying to explain
As I said before: Daniel's parents don't know that I
am (at his request) pursuing this. This is my 1st step
Thank you!!

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