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ceramics studio residency at nottingham arts in san marcos, ca

updated sat 12 nov 05


Nottingham Arts on thu 10 nov 05

Hi folks,

The studios at Nottingham are humming with activity these days and we
have an openning for a ceramics studio/lab tech . The position comes
with a 20 x 12 studio, full use of all ceramic equipment ( large slab
rollers, extruder, soldner clay mixer, ten + kilns ( 50 cu. ft.
Halverson car kiln, West Coast 30 cu. ft. updraft, Skutt 1027
electric, salt kiln, charcoal kiln, test kilns, and lots more), full
ceramics glaze lab ( materials, ball mills, scales, etc.), acres of
flat ground for expirimentation with pit firing etc., and full access to
the wood shop, machine / tool rooms, hot glass shop , etc. ).
The ceramics studio resident would be responsible for maintaining the
ceramics facillities, assisting with workshops in ceramics, and
assisting with other projects at the arts center.

This is a great opportunity for a ceramist who is talented and self
directed in their own carreer. We have facillities surpassing most
colleges etc.
By the way; the resident would be given free attendance to NCECA and
CCACA with all expences paid for the events.

So I ask my fellow clayarters to spread the word about this opportunity.

Other news about Nottingham:

We have a new studio resident in hot glass blowing, Michael Herman, and
he is one fantastic glass blower. Micheal is taking the hot glass shop
to new levels with the construction of a new Lehr for increased rental
time for local hot glass artists.

The "Glass Girls" , Ellen Gulick and Sue Cunningham, are giving classes
in leaded glass window making, fused glass, cast glass, and flamework
glass bead making, while continuing their own work.

We have added a new studio residency with the addition of a residency in
the wood shop. Our new resident is Michael Pumphrey. Michael is a
graduate of the wood program at Palomar College and recently completed a
studio/ workshop assitantship at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship
in Rockport, ME. He has been awarded one of the covetted Fellowship
positions there next year. He will be working here at Nottingham until
his Fellowship begins next june.

Please spread the word to your associates about our ceramics
residency. It is an opportunity for an artist to greatly expand and
further theire work.

Responses should be directed to myself;
Terry Sullivan
Director, and Chief Gofer
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA ( that's north San Diego county in So. California)
email to : go2tms@ or :
via our web site at:

Thanks to my clayart buds in spreading the word.