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nceca air fares & travel with a big dog

updated sun 13 nov 05


Jeremy/Bonnie Hellman on mon 14 nov 05

Hi Everyone,

A few days ago I booked my air fare for Portland, OR because I'd gone
online and found one so irresistibly low on American Airlines that I
couldn't imagine it dropping any further.

On the subject of travel, I want to thank everyone who offered suggestions
in response to my query about airline travel with a big dog. Since we needed
to change planes, we decided to drive out. We decided that we would worry
too much about our dog's not being able to board our plane if the weather
were under 40 F on the ground, a very real problem in Denver and Montrose,
Colorado. Bud is an excellent car traveller and now that we're here, having
arrived about 2 hours ago, we're glad we made that choice. (I'll let you
know about conditions driving home in a few weeks. ).

It was very helpful sharing thoughts privately with a number of clayarters,
some people I know and others people I have now met online. Thank you all.