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mingei-inspired show in seattle

updated mon 21 nov 05


Hank Murrow on sun 20 nov 05

Well Folks;

I am recovering from a three day odyssey transporting, setting up, and
selling my work in the Glenn Richards Gallery (Asian furniture &
Antiques) pottery show in Seattle. Right off, I will tell you this is
how it is done, and done superbly. Thirteen wonderful potters, young
and old, all generous with their work and attention, and the opening
was crowded with both potters and buyers. The gallery opened at 6 and
the crowd was allowed to buy at 6:15. There was a rush to claim
favorites and stash them on the hold tables. Then more rushing to find
more favorites. This went on until 8:45, when the crowd thinned a
little before the closing at 9. I was told to bring 50+ pieces with an
equal # for back stock. I brought almost two hundred, and half were
sold by the end of the evening.

The boxes I ordered from were superbly packed, beautifully
made in gorgeous Kiri wood, and I managed to find good Kozo paper at
Daniel Smith Art supply. I managed to get the boxes signed, stamped,
and tied & covered with enough time left to go home and dress 'for
church'. The Sake was chilled and I asked for ice in mine because it
smells like summer melons that way. An ample supply of sushi, spring
rolls, and other treats were on hand; and I never sampled any of the
food because I was too busy greeting customers. This whole evening was
like a refined asian version of Filene's basement sale in Boston!
Though difficult to visit with so many old friends, it was also a
delight to see their familiar faces among the crowd. Many folks
introduced themselves as customers from other venues.

Laurie and John Fairman were the generous hosts of the event, which
runs through the holiday season, and their crew on the floor were an
unbelievable support for we tired but happy potters. Kate and Erica,
Emma, Sam, Rom, and Samantha were just incredible in their willingness
and ability to transcend their normal job descriptions. this happens
every year in Seattle, so if you are there between turkey day and
Christmas........don't miss it.

Cheers from a tired and very happy Hank in Seattle.