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surfing with helen bates - november 20, 2005 - usa, wales,

updated mon 21 nov 05


Helen Bates on sun 20 nov 05

Czech Republic

Surfing with Helen Bates - November 20, 2005 - USA, Wales, Czech

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Pete Pinnell (Lincoln, NB, USA)
(Pinnell's work at Akar Design) (Interesting set-up for this online
display, with excellent detail shots of the surface of the pieces
available besides the full views.)

These Old Jugs (Annapolis, MD, USA)>
(Vintage and Contemporary Art Pottery) (Image size is constrained so
you may be able to view a larger version by the right-left-click
method, even if there is no "zoom" button for that particular piece.)

Peter Lewis (Conway Bay, Wales, UK)
Lewis's work is politically charged, and in many cases could not be
considered "easy viewing", though it is always well-made. It presents
a view of the difficulties of the Palesinians in recent decades. I
quote one passage of his text in his introduction to a body of work
entitled: "What is in a Name?" "When the British Foreign Secretary
used the word Palestine in a sentence the Israeli response was swift
and unequivocal, pointing out that no such place existed. The sensitive
nature of words and images is explored here. ... A word used by one
person can evoke different emotions in others. Symbols and names have
vastly opposing connotations to people either side of a divide. Our
language and flag define us, herein lies the problem."

Catherine Merrill (San Francisco, CA)
(Merrill's work is the figural nude, partially or fully undraped,
either as sculpture, or as images on decorative vessels, or as drawings
on paper.) (Technical note for viewing: the zoom feature doesn't work
in Mozilla-type browsers.)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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