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wood firing / gathering fuel / making ash

updated mon 21 nov 05


Gary Navarre on sun 20 nov 05

Hay Crew,
Might as well take a short break from the seasonal project to update
some albums. Sure am liking this new camera. Got some shots of my buddy
from down below and the deer he shot yesterday in the SD card for later.
Till then additions to the ash washing continue in and some good shots of Balsam
greens for this years Christmas wreaths along with the making of a wreath
in The example shown I left
on my lady friend's grave side in Marquette last week. In the process of
getting the greens I am also gleaning secondary stoke hole sticks for the
firing next year of the new kiln. Gonna be too cold here soon to do much
kiln building, not like near Kalamazoo when there were warm days in winter
when I'd be lagging in somewhere. Snowed good the other day to about a
foot in the woods. Had to knock it off the Balsam limbs with the pruner
pole before dropping them. Some of the limbs I loaded in the van without
bundling and did them at night at the house. Now I don't have to go back
in the spring and pick up the kiln sticks. All the scrap can be saved for
making ash in the spring when it drys more. I think the smoke from last
years two week Koie cooking event might not have good for breathing with
so much moisture in the fresh greens. Guess I had one of my frenzies, eh?
"Slow down, Gar, dis is da UP, no hurry!" But the greens sure good in the
house during wreath making season! Lot better than the artificial stuff I
sell at Wal-Mart. Just can't out source this sort of thing. Stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA