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surfing with helen bates - november 22, 2005 - germany, australia,

updated wed 23 nov 05


Helen Bates on tue 22 nov 05


Surfing with Helen Bates - November 22, 2005 - Germany, Australia, USA,

(E-mail using yelbanell AT yahoo DOT ca)

Töpfereimuseum Langerwehe (Potters' Museum, Langerwehe, Germany) (German language only)
(This is an extensive site featuring the 1000 year history of
pottery-making and pottery use in Langerwehe, Germany. Lots of photos
if you click on the various menu items.) (If you wish to try a machine
translation, you can enter the url in the space provided at: but be aware that the
translation is going to read awkwardly in some places, to say the

The Interesting Shop (Robert Young, Sheering, Herts, England, UK)
(For "ancient" pottery, click on "Metal Detecting Coins & Antiquities
For Sale" then on "ANCIENT POTTERY & GLASS."
Robert Young is a member of "The National Council for Metal Detecting",
a volunteer UK organization which is to some extent a lobby for people
pursuing metal detecting as a hobby. As for the pottery, although the
text tends to imply that they are originals, there is no direct claim
as to whether they are in fact originals and not reproductions.)

Jenny Winstanley Cats (North Walsham, Norfolk, England, UK)
(Delightful cats by UK potter Jennie Winstanley - The animals are
hand-modelled by the artist, then moulds (molds) are made, from which
the pieces are hand-cast, then decorated by painters at her studio. I
think they are made of earthenware, but one place on the site suggests
they are of porcelain. Whatever the clay, they are lovely pieces.

Mark Shires (Medieval Wares) (Victoria, BC, Canada)
(Shires makes replicas of medieval items, including some simple
pottery. From what I understand from other sites on the web, he is
well-respected. He also sells medieval pottery sherds, inexpensive
Chinese Yuan, Sung and Tang Dynasty pottery, and other non-pottery
antiquities, which, he states, are authentic, and legally excavated and
imported.) (For pottery, click on "Antiquities", "Medieval Pottery."

Jim & Emma Newboult (Trintiy Court Potteries) (Retford,
Nottinghamshire, England, UK)
(The Newboults make replicas of many styles of pottery seen in the UK
over close to two millenia. These include: Roman, Saxon, Medieval,
Italian Majolica (maiolica), post Medieval, English Delft, and 18th
Century pottery. Also provided is a short history of English Delft.
Also, one particularly interesting utilitarian piece is the 2-piece
clay watering pot.)

Helen B.

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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