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surfing with helen bates - november 22, 2005 - turkey, spain, usa

updated wed 23 nov 05


Helen Bates on tue 22 nov 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - November 22, 2005 - Turkey, Spain, USA

(E-mail: yelbanell AT yahoo DOT ca)

Erdinc Bakla (Turkey) (Turkish and English)
(Senior Turkish ceramic sculptor, designer of manufactured ceramics,
academic, writer, and photographer) (From 1988-93 Professor Bakla was
Head of the Ceramics Department at the Marmara University of Fine Arts,
Istanbul and from 1999-2002 served as the Design Counsellor at Kutahya
Porcelain, located in Kutahya, Turkey.)

Ceramica Jorca School and Workshop and Gloria Auleda Llavina (Spain)
(The Jorca Workshop and School of Ceramics was founded in 1978 by
Jordi Auleda and Carme Llavina. Ir is located in Sant Celoni, close to
Barcelona, Spain. Also on the site is work by Gloria Llavina, who
apparently has pursued doctoral studies in fine arts. She may run the
Jorca school and workshop, but this is not clear to me.)
(Spanish and English side-by-side texts)

Pam Daly (Louisville, KY, USA)
(Daly is a clinical psychologist turned potter. The images are
constrained, so you may be able to see them larger by accessing
right-click menu, depending on your browser configuration.)

Potters paradise University of Georgia Athens, GA
(An Illustrated article about pottery teachers at the Callenwolde Fine
Arts Center at the University of Georgia over the years) (Earl
McCutcheon, Ron Meyers, Jerry and Kathy Chappelle, and other well-known
Georgia potters are discussed or mentioned.)

Jack and Eric O'Leary (Tariki Studio) (Meriden, NH, USA)
(Eric is a sculptor and designer working in ceramic and other media.
He gained his early ceramic training from his father, potter Jack

Dan Weaver (Gouldsboro, ME, USA)
(Weaver's handsome bathroom basins are very high quality. Much of his
production is handthrown, although since 2001, his basic 16" basins are
now ram-pressed; however, they are still hand-finished.) (By the way,
Dan is apparently looking for his first apprentice.)

Helen B.

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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