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surfing with helen bates - november 23, 2005 - portugal, japan, usa,

updated fri 25 nov 05


Helen Bates on wed 23 nov 05

Norway, Wales

Surfing with Helen Bates - November 23, 2005 - Portugal, Japan, USA,
Norway, Wales

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Instituto Cam§es (Lisbon, Portugal)
(Azuelo (Decorative tiles) in Portugal - Tiles from the fifteenth to
the twentieth century: Italian and Flemish Influences, Repetitive
Tiles, Freedom of Interpretation, Figurative Diversity, Works from
Holland, "Cycle of the Masters", Tiles during the Reign of King Dom
JoŃo V, The Rococo, Neoclassicism, Azulejo Fašades, Ecleticism, From
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro to Jorge Barradas, 1950's Tile Designers and
Ceramists, Other Ceramists, The Lisbon Underground [Subway], Other
Public Works) (The Istituto Camoes is perhaps named after a famous
Portuguese poet, "Luis de Cam§es.")

Yasuko Nakamura (St. Petersburg, FL, USA)
(Born in Japan, Nakamura trained in Japan under Yoshiki Iuchi, and in
the USA, including the Acoma potter Emma Louis, and Juan Quezada of
Mata Ortiz, and as well, J.T. Abernethy) (Her pieces are generally
vessel-based. Some pieces, if not all, have acrylic surface

"Women Potters Speak" (University of Wales Aberystwyth, Wales, UK)
(Artists' statements, biographical information, and images from the
following UK women potters: Christine Boswijk, Alison Britton, Sandy
Brown, Tulla Elieson, Morgen Hall, Janet Hamer, Jane Hamlyn, Gabriele
Koch, Janet Leach, Emma Lewis, Elspeth Owen, Jane Perryman, Katharine
Pleydell-Bouverie, Janice Tchalenko, Gerhild Tschachler-Nagy, Ruth
Tudball, Mollie Winterburn)

Erik Ploen (Pl°en) (1925-2004) Norway (Norwegian text)
(5 zoomable images of Ploen's highly-textured hand-built vase forms) (Norwegian text)
(5 zoomable images of more of Ploen's stoneware vase forms)
(Translation of a sort is available through Langenberg: - use "Translate a web page for
"Translation Experts".)

Helen B.

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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