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surfing with helen bates - november 24, 2005 - uk & japan

updated fri 25 nov 05


Helen Bates on thu 24 nov 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - November 24, 2005 - UK & Japan

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David Leach (1911-2005) (Lowerdown Pottery) (Bovey Tracey, Devon,
England, UK),,60-1498646,00.html - (2 page
(Times Online obituary for potter David Leach, the son of the famed
Anglo-Oriental potter Bernard Leach)

Leach Pottery Restoration Project (St. Ives, Cornwall, England, UK)
(The pottery started by Bernard Leach (1887-1979) is the object of a
restoration project that has received some substantial funding from the
UK's "Heritage Lottery Fund", a grant-awarding body set up by the
British Parliament to support a wide range of projects involving the
heritage of the United Kingdom.)

Gaolyard Pottery Studios (St. Ives, Cornwall, England, UK)
(John Bedding built the Gaolyard Pottery "to, in some small measure add
to the legacy of potters working in St. Ives.") Potters: John Bedding,
Sam Hall, Motoko Wakana, Sarah Dunstan, Roelof Uys, Louise Thompson,
Aki Moriuchi, Rick Henham, Amanda Ray)

Cornwall potteries (Cornwall England, UK) (List of
(Text list of 28 potters and potteries located in Cornwall, with their
contact information)

Keiko Gallery (Japanese Handcrafts) (Boston, MA, USA)
(Four Japanese potters' work is shown: Nakao Tetsuaki, Tetsuo
Hanazuka, Kenji Hokao, Michihisa Iida) (Scroll to text menu at the
bottom of the page and click on "Ceramic" or "Artists Info.")

Helen B.

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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