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hanging plates/platters

updated tue 29 nov 05


mel jacobson on mon 28 nov 05

i have always used the single hole method, in the
foot ring.

a small hole, using a metal drill/maybe 1/8th inch. twist from
side to side at the end of the drilling to make a wedge shape.

in fact i drill a small hole in all larger plate/platters.
helps in the drying and the firing...allows air in/water vapor out.
far less cracking when you add the hole in the ring. no
one ever sees it.

i use a small piece of picture hanging wire...through the
hole. add a tiny stainless washer on the inside of the
ring. double wrap it. then just twist a loop on the outside.

it is easy to remove, and add if needed. the customer
will have wire in case it needs to be replaced, and they
understand how the system works.

many platters will not fit into standard cupboards. too wide.
so, they learn to use them as paintings...take them down
when they use them. it makes your work do double duty.

i love going to friends homes, see my work on the wall, then
see it on the table with chicken.
makes me smile.
and, if you ever have a gallery show like at amoca...
hanging a dozen platters is a breeze...the gallery director
says...`hmm, nice way to hang clay objects, easy, just like
from mel/