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traveling mug - a 4 liner

updated tue 29 nov 05


Cynthia Haviland on mon 28 nov 05

Hello, I'm Cynthia Haviland and have been lurking since Spring. Thought =
I'd take the opportunity to jump in for the first time with a 4 liner =
poem for the traveling mug.=20

I give my heartfelt mug to you,
you hold it in your hand until
you give with love to another, so
a handshake 'round the world will go.=20

From: Fredrick Paget
This is a cool idea.

Lets all think up a neat 4 line poem that expresses this idea and I
will run of a couple of hundred ceramic decal copies of the winner
and bring them to the Clayart room at NCECA to give away.
From Fred Paget,
Marin County, CA, USA
Charter Member Potters Council

Cynthia Haviland - Down to Earth Pottery