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mug shots has chat

updated sat 3 dec 05


Taylor from Rockport on fri 2 dec 05

Howdy peoples:

Because one of our Monday night chat crowd has been unable to log on
lately, we have changed venues. I have added a free chat service to our
clayart mug shots blog. (Have you loners out there forgotten about the mug
shot blog?) Click the left button and then follow the directions. Some
of us meet on Monday nights, 8:00pm central, and goof off, trade recipies,
encourage each other, show pics of latest work, or whatever we want. Be
careful Billie and Maysan can get really earthy.

I can't see why others of our claytown can't chat it up whenever they feel
the need. Let me know if there are problems. It's a third party service,
but I'll do what I can to make it work. Link below, below, below.

Taylor, in Rockport TX