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funeral remains

updated thu 8 dec 05


Mike Gordon on tue 6 dec 05

When we buried my brother in Feb, 2002 , at the Fort Rosecrans National
Cemetery, in San diego I got to hold his box before the service. I
remember it as being about 7" square and 9" tall. Mike Gordon, Walnut
Creek, Ca.

Jim Bob Salazar on wed 7 dec 05

hey guys,

here is a cool funeral site to check out. i did this show a few years ago.
cool ideas here. we had to send volume info in cubic inches (how many cubic
inches will the pot hold) for each pot. so how you can figure the cubic
inches of a pot is like this. i used a graduated cylinder measuring in ml.
fill the pot with water and pour the water into a graduated cylinder,
measure the water and divide by 16.4 and this will give you the cubic inches
of the pot. 16.4ml is equal to 1 cubic inch. for pot
measured 872 ml...divide that by 16.4 and you get 53.1 cubic inches volume
of the pot.

hope all is well,

jim bob

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