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updated mon 12 dec 05


clennell on sun 11 dec 05

> Not clear what you mean about guilds -- is there something wrong or
> unprofessional or what about people belonging to guilds?

Lili: I belong to the oldest and largest potters guild in Ontario- Hamilton
Potters Guild. . Over 300 members and we have two sales each year spring and
winter that gross over 250,000 worth of pottery sales. Of that 1/4 million I
would say relatively few pieces are over $100 and those are by a woman that
does some fantastic raku polar bears.
We make things especially for that show all under $100 and probably more
likely under $50. Many of the professionals are complaining about low price
points- mugs at $4. It is not the pinnacle of ones career, but a very good,
group of folks to hang with. Some potters now are unable to be part of the
show since their work is almost always too expensive for that venue.
You twisted my article on the steps in making a mug to mean fragmentation
and now you want me to call guild members unprofessional. Ain't gonna
happen! Guilds are a great starting place in ones profession (Floor #1) and
a good place to be part of. If you want your songs to live teach the
Dang, Sunday is not a mail day.
Guild are starting points
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario