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exterior glaze on tiles.

updated sat 17 dec 05


marianne kuiper milks on fri 16 dec 05

I have made a series of address tiles, 4x4 finished size, each with a letter of the address of the home on it. In total 13 tiles. I used a red tile clay that contains a fair amount of grog and works well for tiles (used two years ago).
These tiles will go outside, in the wet weather of southern England. Applied with cement or such.

I used a cone 05 glaze, brush-on, with a clear satin over each. I do not like the result and am doing them again.(Don't like because my kiln was not cooperating last week and quit at ^04!)

My question is: should I apply a higher cone glaze because it will be out in the weather, or because I want the tile to have a final firing at that higher cone or, on the other hand, was cone 06 fine for this project?


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