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need lesson on additives to glazes.

updated fri 16 dec 05


Mary/Adams on thu 15 dec 05

What do you do with what and when? Gum solution, Bentonite (do you add it
automatically to every recipe and then how much), Darvan 7, epsom salts,
vinegar, on and on......

I hear this and that and just don't know what to use for what. And, I'm
getting some very different opinions. I think the problem might partially
be that I don't understand (no matter how many books and research I do)
flocculation vs de-floc.

I have been putting bentonite in each recipe at 2% (dry to dry) regardless
but have now come up with one favorite MC6G recipe that won't dry and once
it does it cracks and was told 'too much bentonite' and don't put bentonite
in that recipe. And by another source, don't put bentonite in when there is
EPK in the recipe. I respect all these opinions but wow some are very
diffewring. How would I know that, though.

Lessons please on these additives and when and why I would use them.