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who are they?-re teachers/ing.

updated sat 17 dec 05


marianne kuiper milks on fri 16 dec 05


I am big into teachers and (good) lineage. But isn't "good teacher" a relative term> Have you studied, or the friend you mention, with each one of those? What have they brought to you? Rubber-stamp eucation, or the healthy intellectual and artistic mix of a bright person who carries on his/her own information, consumed over time as a healthy mixture? Are you taking opinions of others and believe them to be true for you as they are for the other???

I didn't understand the correlation between your first and your second paragraph. I probably missed something.

I would like to add something. I've taught, seriously, and earning my income with it, since I was fourteen years old. My teaching, i feel, has always been the best i had to offer at any given time. Prob. the only thing in life I feel that way about, except also for raising my family.
My teacher was, still is, a famous musician.(Frans Brueggen) Students from around the globe competed hotly for one of 6 spots available. The man couldn't teach worth sh*&&^^%. He sent me students when I was only 18. Yet his students have "gone places" and offered the world knowledge and great artistry. Why? Because the man has an undeniable charisma. And he made us think. We were freely allowed to copy everything he did. Why? Because, in his words "those who leave and develop their own style will make it". Did he teach technique? Not really. Did he address, sometimes. Teaching and the results thereof are, in my eyes, at least 50% the responsibility of the receptor of the information (was that the right word? I mix things up sometimes> The English thing.)


Richard Mahaffey wrote: Vince,
You wrote the following------------------------
There is little point in debating the fact that Peter Voulkos was an
of remarkable accomplishment, and an extraordinary teacher who left a
lineage of students that are now among the top ceramic artists and
in the US.

I think I know some of them, but do tell, who are these great teachers
that Voulkos has sent on their way to lead us?
I have heard this said before, but the person could not name more than
a couple.

I think it is important to know the lineage of instruction.
When I saw Toshiko Takaezu at a workshop recognized her way of working
on the wheel, but it was a bit removed from what I knew. I asked her
who was her teacher and it turned out to be a student of my teacher.
So in the distance from the "source" I was her senior, but in all other
respects I was her junior.

Rick Mahaffey

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