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glazing techniques/empty bowls

updated wed 21 dec 05


Chris Stanley on tue 20 dec 05

For what it is worth,
We have been using the Empty Bowls project for just this issue. During the
break (Summer or Winter) several of us throw at least a kiln load or two of
bowls. When the students return, they assist with the loading of the bisque
kiln...This gives a good lesson on what a finished piece of pottery looks
like going into the bisque and when it comes out...(first two weeks of

Waxing...Heck, a whole class period lesson on just wax application. This
works great since none of the pieces are the what if there
is a gaff or two on the bisque. The students play more when it is not their

Then the big glaze day/night. This way the students all see the glazes
early, practice glazing on someone else's work, we get the bowls
glazed.....and loaded in to the glaze kiln. This takes about two class

Now, the best part is that when the kiln unloads they are all there to see
it and they all get a great look at the glazes.

you all have a great holiday season.....
Chris in Odessa, actually snowed here the other day...Thank gosh it
is going to be 70 this weekend.....