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animals, slip and empty nest

updated mon 26 dec 05


lela martens on thu 22 dec 05

I did get a new cat, to help my old ginger and me get over the empty nest
thing. We both miss the spaniel.
I had just stirred up the slip and having a coffee while looking out the
A chiwawah about 6 inches long was leading his master helter skelter,
sniffing at every blade of grass while wearing a wondeful red sweater and
booties. At the end of the leash was a guy about 6 foot 5 high and almost
the same across...
Then not a minute later a rottweiler, the biggest I have ever seen, probably
crossed with a mastif. At the end of his leash a very tiny , older lady
under perfect control of the dog.
The dog had the look of `anyone making trouble for my mom better think
I`m getting to it Earl.
I was watching and resting because this new cat had just had an experience.
I was throwing mugs and figuring if I didn`t hear any frantic cat screams
and hissing, could get something done.
The little new cat comes downstairs and throws himself into the scrap, clay
Either something happened upstairs I don`t know about, or he`s a really dumb
Turned himself around in the thick slip and got his feet stuck, so I grabbed
him out and started to wash down in my rinse bucket. Mountain man happened
by, wondering about the commotion..asked him to hold down this cat so to get
the slip rinsed off..`Do you think I am so stupid I`m going to hold a young
cat who thinks he`s drowning?` and walked back to his garage.
Mountain men...chickens.
There aren`t many things sadder looking than a cat who has just been pulled
from a slip bucket.
Lela, who is tired , so forgive miss spellings, and applying medicine to
scraches on her arms.

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Donna Kat on tue 27 dec 05

That was perhaps one of the best mental images that I have had in awhile.
Thank you for the gift. Donna