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updated thu 5 jan 06


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I would like to again thank those of you who posted--There are so many good
nuggets of information, suggestions and opinions. Originally, I got five very helpful
responses. Then I just checked again and there are many more--some
helpful..some just sound irritated.
It seems I should respond to something which has nothing to do with my inquiry.
I hadn't intended to be be Anonymous and some one else renamed me ( I thought in
jest) "An O. Nymous."

Apparently, this rubbed many of you wrong. I think John Jensen's comment on this
was most helpful, and balanced. He wrote,"About your anonymity: No law says you
have to say who you are, but it does seem more polite and sociable to do so.
Especially when asking favors."

On the other hand, Elizabeth Priddy (quoted below), apparently was quite irritated
because my name was not on my message. I don't feel it necesarry to explain
myself, but just to let you know not to rip someone up next time--"Anonymous" was a
default which I apparently didn't change. My name is Mel and if you want to spend
more time being nasty, or "engage in nefarious subTerfuge," you my write to me
directly, rather than waste space online. I simply thought that Potters Org was a
helpful community that might be able too offer experiences to a new instructor. Most
of your responses were quite insightful- Jeanne W. , Dawn Christensen, Carol
Tripp,Pat Logue, Susan Giddings,Lili Krakowski..and more.
I doubt I will bother to post again.
signed sadly,
Mel, lost in the world responses.

Elizabeth Priddy wrote:
"I would rather someone just be anonymous than to
make up a name, which is just as easy on internet,
and have me feel the fool for talking to "john" and then
finding out later it was "marie".

I am sure that if I just set up a new email account as
"joe blow" and started posting as such, that the tone
and content of responses to me would be very different
from what I experience now.

But my writing is unmistakable, and I barely have time
to write in, much less engage in nefarious suberfuge.

Ah for the olden days, when I had the time and the
enery to f*** with people for no good reason.....sigh."