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american chop stick bowls - was memoirs

updated fri 6 jan 06


Richard Mahaffey on wed 4 jan 06

I have replied to Lee privately on the Memiors because it is Off topic.

On the bowls with holes in the side or dips on the lip to hold
chopsticks. It is not about liking them or thinking that they are
convenient but wether they are Asian of any sort. That was the point I
was tying to make.
Having spent time in Highschool in a Chinese American house in
highschool and having Japanese inlaws I have never seen anything like
that and I am sure that they would get a kick out of those bowls if they
were represened as either Chinese or Japanese.

For myself I don't care for them. Maybe because I am clumsy and have
enough trouble keeping the soup in my bowl as it is and the holes or
dips in the lip would not help me any. ;-)

If you like them more power to you. Enjoy!