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nceca shuttles

updated sun 8 jan 06


Gayle Bair on thu 5 jan 06

I haven't sent in the registration form because at this point I have no idea
which shuttles I need to take.

Do I have to pay for them when I send in the registration form or can I
decide and pay when I get there?

I want to see Hank's work and go to the Beaverton Library outside if that I
have no idea.

Gayle Bair

Bainbridge Island, WA

Tucson, AZ

mel jacobson on thu 5 jan 06

the shuttles seem to fill fast.
in fact many years you cannot get a
shuttle ticket at all.

so, get your shuttle tickets now.
don't wait.
but, remember, local trains and streetcars
really are nice in portland. you can get to
the pearl (art) district very easily.
from mel/

David Hendley on thu 5 jan 06

Mel is correct - the shuttle tickets always sell out in pre-registration
and usually none are available if you didn't pre-order.
That said, I'm sitting here looking at the registration and I don't
know which shuttle route(s) to ask for. There are 4 this time, and
there is no way you can do them all.
Anyone, which ones do you suggest, and why?

David Hendley
Old Farmhouse Pottery

Marta Matray Gloviczki on thu 5 jan 06

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006 13:02:20 -0600, David Hendley wrote:

>>>> There are 4 this time, and
>there is no way you can do them all.
>Anyone, which ones do you suggest, and why?

hi david,
if i remember well, we always had a list of galleries
already scheduled with shows, before the registration,
so we could choose which shuttle tour to pay for... but,
this time the shows are not listed yet. (except one or two)
i just sent my nceca registration in and i bought 2 for
wednesday and 2 for saturday.
and that is already much more than what i am going to
be able to handle... after a certain amount of shows
your brain (or mine, at least:) wont take in anything
anymore... but then, hopefully some clayart friends will
take the same shuttle, and we can have a party on the bus.
wear your boa, for sure!
wayne just promised me, that if will be a light blue boa...
right, wayne?
marta matray gloviczki

Bobbruch1@AOL.COM on sat 7 jan 06

1). Does anyone know if any of the
galleries or Museums or schools listed
on the various routes would be open
on Sunday?
2) Any comment on the quality and
number of galleries on any of the routes.
3). Just trying to figure out how to
prioritize the shuttles. Is it possible
to do two shuttle routes per day?


Bob Bruch