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updated fri 6 jan 06


Gary Navarre on thu 5 jan 06

Hay Crew,

Hope everyone had a safe holidays. I know I had a ball helping all my
customers. Some kid thought I was Santa so I told him I wasn't dressed for
that job yet. Had to finish my part time at Wally World cause Social
Security wasn't enough to get by. His mom got a kick out of the bit.

Figured out how to get shots of some rocks I found while collecting
stones for the foundation of my new Hobagama from an CD card to

Did some fooling around with available light on deer tracks behind the
house in Made a couple minutes
of New Years greeting video too but it's too incriminating, even though I
kept my pants on. The sound could be better but with a decent mic Sugar
Babe will sound delightful. Man I sure look goofy when I play the guitar.
And when I'm talkin it sounds like I got no teeth from eating at a Gospel
Mission so I could afford Sterno. There is supposed to be a way to send
clips via email with the ACDSee programs that come with the Optio 60 but
I'm still at the bottom of the learning curve.

This new machine is quite the trip. Now I see what ya all like it so
much. I can listen to Mike Bloomfield or Elmo Jones or watch scary old
movies too. Got some on Halloween for 90 cent, Bella Lugosi in "White
Zombie" and "Bowery at Midnight", "Carnival of Souls" staring Candace
Hilligoss was strange all right. Think I'll plug in "The Magic Sword" with
Basil Rathbone. There's dragons, trolls, and dancing girls, and Mumbo
Jumbo the way it's supposed to be practiced. Ooooo, dancing girls in the
magic pool and their Princes. Gotta get that parental pixilation out,
bought it at Wally World ya know.

Again a big thanks to Gail Phillips, such a sweetheart for helping me
put together shipping with the wreath orders. Maybe next year I'll have
pots to go with. Be nice to each other and keep going!

This movie is starting to get pretty good, see ya!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA