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need slip formula....

updated wed 11 jan 06


john elder on mon 9 jan 06

Don Reitz did a wonderful workshop here last year. We made a slip he
requested for the workshop and have been using it since. NOw it is time to
re-make it and no one seems to have the formula.
It was labeled "white slip for high fire greenware". If anyone on the list
thinks that they might have the formula I would appreciate it very much.
John Elder
Armory Arts Center
West Palm Beach, Fl.

John Britt on tue 10 jan 06


If I remember when Don came, he used the standard 70/30 slip recipe. He
keeps it pretty simple, 70 plastic /30 non-plastic. So that would be 70
EPK and 30 Nepheline Syenite.

Hope it helps,

John Britt