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updated tue 10 jan 06


Mike Gordon on mon 9 jan 06

Just received this.......... if you were planning on going, Mike Gordon

December 22, 2005
For Immediate Release

Contact: Ms. Charlotte Webb

December 22, 2005... Thomas Blackman Associates (TBA) announces the=20
of the Eighth Annual San Francisco International Art Exposition (SFIAE)=20=

for January 13 =96 16, 2006. Many factors led to this decision: despite=20=

steady sales and
strong attendance, the show has diminished in size in recent years by=20
about 30%.
Support for the show from local art galleries has also weakened over=20
the past two years,
which contributed to the organizer=92s concern for the success of the=20
visiting galleries from
outside San Francisco. Currently there are no plans to stage a next=20
SFIAE, although Mr.
Blackman remains open to the possibility of returning to San Francisco.
Thomas Blackman Associates has taken great pride in presenting SFIAE=20
for the past
seven years. Through some difficult times, especially after 9/11/2001,=20=

TBA has brought
the Bay Area a beautiful and professional forum for contemporary art=20
galleries that few
cities have been able to match. TBA has made a major investment of time=20=

and money to
the exposition, thus providing substantial financial benefits to the=20
San Francisco art
community and the general public. =93It is with great reluctance that I=20=

have taken this step;
it has been a very difficult decision to make and announce. Many of our=20=

developed lasting relationships with clients in California, and I=20
sincerely hope they will
have the opportunity to re-connect at SFIAE again at some point in the=20=

near future.=94 said
Thomas Blackman, President of TBA.
Thomas Blackman Associates wishes to thank all the participating art=20
dealers for their
show of support over the years. =93The ever-supportive art dealers =
to make SFIAE
a unique and wonderful experience for all of us, as well as the=20
thousands of visitors to the
fair,=94 said Blackman. TBA also wishes to recognize the roles the City=20=

of San Francisco,
Fort Mason Center, and the San Francisco Art Dealers Association played=20=

during the past
seven years.
For further information about SFIAE call 312.226.4700. You may also=20
call regarding the
upcoming Art Chicago in the Park scheduled to return to its spectacular=20=

location in
Chicago=92s Grant Park, adjacent to the Art Institute of Chicago and=20
Millennium Park,
April 28 =96 May 1, 2006. You may also visit the website=20
# # #

Kim Lessard
Publicity and Promotions Manager
California College of the Arts
1111 Eighth Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Ph 415.703-9547
Fx 415.703.9540