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updated sun 15 jan 06


Nottingham Arts on sat 14 jan 06

Well what I do is rent a van for the conference.

I've found that there are often problems with the shuttles and I like
having the freedom to go to whatever shows I want to see and come and go
as I like.

At every NCECA I link up with folks both before and during the
conference. Ya never know what will happen. But the link ups always do
happen and then we have a group. Then we go see the shows we want to see
rather than the shows on a particular route for the shuttles.

For me; each NCECA is allways a different affair. Sometimes it is the
lecture/ seminars, sometimes it is the hall for distribtors, sometimes
it is a mix of them all. I just go with the flow and don't worry about
what I may have missed in favor of what I am expiriencing.

A case in point is the NCECA in No. Carolina. I hooked up with Linda
Blossom , Russel Fouts, and Carla Flati. We spent most of the conference
touring ceramic shows all over the state and had a wonderfull time.
Missed most of the "conference" . So what; had a fantastic time with
these folks that I wouldn't trade for any conference.

NCECA is a huge potporie of ceramics information and ceramists. You can
not possibly see and expirience it all. My advice is to view it as a
wonderfull vacation and go with the flow. Get there early and stay a few
days after. Stay loose amd be open to serendipity.
It may just lead you into expiriences and new friendships.

See you all in Portland.

Terry Sullivan
Director, and Chief Gofer
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA (no. San Diego CA.)

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