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nceca - opps, i did it again!

updated tue 17 jan 06


Jacqui Kruzewski on tue 17 jan 06

After saying for months I couldn't afford nceca, but being so envious of all
of you who booked your rooms early, it seems I'm coming after all! I sent
off my registration form yesterday and just this minute booked my flight.

I didn't think I could be as excited as last year (my first EVER flight) but
- well I'm bursting! Do I have time to knit (knit???) a red feather boa? I
booked one excursion at random - then read the emails about bookeing all and
finding which is the best later - oh well, I'll know better next time.

I am sharing with Ilene Mahler and for most of the week (Tues to Friday) but
other than that am in freefall about my arrangements. I'm flying to Portland
- arriving on the Monday evening and flying out the following Monday. If it
were possible I'd love to see something of Portland area, but really the
important thing is accomodation. Does anyone have space for a room-mate on
Monday night and on the following Saturday and Sunday? Or would anyone
living in or near Portland let me board with them? Or even know of a place
to stay for those three nights?

Last time I came to nceca lovely Carole Fox picked me up, took me home and
she and her family looked after me so well. This time I'm on my own till I
meet up with Ilene and after she leaves. Suddenly it's a bit scary (not
Iilene - just the having no place to stay bit ;-) ).

North Wales

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