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stephanie/ tile workshop

updated tue 17 jan 06


JOYCE LEE on mon 16 jan 06

I've lost Stephanie's e-mail address....... that's Stephanie
Stephenson of the 10,000 square foot studio outside of
San Diego? Our Stephanie. =20

Stephanie, when are you offering tile workshops at your
place? I missed the one at AMOCO because I still wasn't
navigating well enough nor long enough to take advantage
of it, much to my regret. What an opportunity! Now I'm seeing
improvement, enough to attend NCECA again this year... at
least, that's the plan. If I can do that, then I should be able to
finally reserve a workshop spot and NOT lose my money AND
the opportunity. That happened several times last year. Once
I was signed up for a wonderful workshop in Tahoe ...... around
4th of July...... fell..... drat...... lost close to a thousand dollars
in workshop reservation and campus housing!! Can't afford much
more of that.

If Stephanie doesn't see this, perhaps some other claybud will
pass it on....... or send me her e-mail address.

Thank you all for your time and patience.

In the Mojave where my youth of old age is attempting to take
over my body once more ....... and allow the hands-on-clay to
happen again........ hooray for me!!