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pair of forced air burners available

updated thu 19 jan 06


Paul B on wed 18 jan 06

i have a pair of forced air burners available that could fire just about
any size kiln. The orifices are currently set up for LP gas and they can do
about 600,000 btu's each as is. With some simple metal fabrication they
could be adapted to work with natural gas - it would just require some good
welding. My kiln is about 70 cu.ft. but they could fire something much
larger, but i would not use them on anything smaller than 40 or 50 cu.ft.
without changing the orifice size.
They have baso valves, dayton blowers and small "piggy back" type burners
as safety burners. They could use a new set of dial gauges (water column)
but they work fine as is.
Supposedly they originated from Marc Ward - i got them from another potter
who moved and sold the remains of his kiln and said he bought them from
Ward, and i called Ward and they confirmed that they did sell burners to
him. They look a lot different from ward burners though, so i am not sure
what to really call them - perhaps an earlier version of ward burners.
They also come with a stand i built out of heavy duty angle iron, but it
may not be worth shipping the stands as they weigh at least 50 lbs each. I
could deliver them anywhere near the cincinnati area. I have some digital
pics available. Asking $500 for them.
Paul Borian
Falmouth, KY