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updated sat 21 jan 06


Paula Sibrack Marian on fri 20 jan 06

Despite the demise of the Studio Potter Network, the famous show continues at NCECA. This is a
major fundraiser for Studio Potter Magazine, which is celebrating 33 years as a non-profit endeavor.
Gerry Williams, the long time editor of the magazine has passed the reins to Mary Barringer.

The show will be in room E144 of the Convention Center in Portland. Anyone attending NCECA who
would like to donate a piece please drop it off at that room after 9:00Am Wednesday March 8 at the
SP show room. Alternately you can mail the pot to Studio Potter Show, c/o Pat Horsely, 6401
S.E.Raymond, Portland, OR 97206. This is an opportunity to help an extrmemely worthy cause and
have your work seen by some 5000 NCECA participants.

In any event, stop by the Stuio Potter booth at NCECA to visit, buy the current issue or some great
back issues or subscribe to the magazine. If you don't know Studio Potter, you owe it to yourself to
become familiar with it. If you do, stop by to see your old friends. Gerry and his wife Julie are still
involved with SP. And of course stop by the Studio Potter show to help the cause and view and buy
pots from some very talented and famous supporters.

See you at NCECA.
Paula Sibrack Marian
Studio Potter Board