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childrenb's parties, other parties, and exploding drums.

updated mon 23 jan 06


Lili Krakowski on sun 22 jan 06

Whoever asked about giving a children's ceramic party. Sounds like fun. =
But remember that your present liability insurance, even what you carry =
as a school teacher, may NOT cover this event. I have ranted for years =
and years at people who happy go luckily throws raku and pit firing =
parties without checking with their insurance agent first. Yes, it all =
is fun and games--then someone who has snuck in a bottle of booze, and =
been idiot enough to dress in synthetic fabric sets a sleeve on fire, =
and all hell breaks loose....I am sure there are insurance broker types =
on this list who will give good advice...

The same applies to this wonderful correspondence on whether drums will =
explode, not explode, may explode...and is "explode" the right word? =
One can BUY 55 gallon drums, one can FIND 55 gallon drums that have no =
top or have had the top removed. If all one can find is a drum that =
NEEDS its top removed, there are plenty of people who know how to do it, =
and do it safely.=20

The father of a friend had a bad tooth, liquored up, took some pliers =
and yanked the tooth out. (Years later a dentist saw the gap, said =
:"What kind of an animal pulled that tooth?" and Dad proudly replied =
"ME!" When it is the depth of the Depression and you are =
pull your own teeth. Here and now you pay someone to do it....

Same with drums, same with drums.=20

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage