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safe 55 gallon drum lid masturbations

updated mon 23 jan 06


David Woof on sun 22 jan 06

I also love to sit at a cafe or around the campfire and savor all the
possible flavor out of a subject after a productive spell in the studio, or
in the wee hours after hours of estatic love makeing, but on this subject
let's get back to the guy with his throat torn open and the horror
surrounding this tradgedy. Imagine trying to stop the bleeding of a loved
one while you debate the multitude of ways to "reduce flash and explosion
hazard"("Reduce"?) or wheel off on "it seems to me" suppositions about a
subject you obviously don't have the tech. background to speak to where
mistakes in judgment are fatal.

Vince, myself and a number of others on this list have the background to
speak with authority on this subject.
The rest clamoring to be heard, sit down, shut up. Play your word and
thought games and see your self in print in territory where lives are not at

Vince I have the highest regard for you, your expertise and that you take
care to speak from a foundation of experience. I have also cold chiseled
the tops off drums when I was convinced that the conditions were safe, but I
was considering a general audience here and since impacted flint (sand) and
steel will "strike" a spark I chose not make exception to my "always water,
completely full" rule. It's safe, simple, inexpensive and no risk of dying.
(Debateing how full is full!!! my god folks!!) I weld sculpture with
argon, carbon dioxide and am familiar with halon and the properties of oxy
robbing or replaceing gasses. But who on our list can afford the cost of
maintaining this gass shield while removing a drum lid? Or could maintain
their work determination and focus in a cloud of chokeing auto, carbon
monoxide laden, fumes? Or if they could stand it, would subject their
beautiful living body to such poisonous dangerous stupidity? If you suggest
it you haven't tryed it and are flapping off more mental masturbation.

And dangerous it is:

Some here must remember when, as inventive youngsters, we built after
burners at the end of our auto exhaust pipes using a spark plug and a wire
from the ignition coil. These devices were/are outlawed in the states I'm
familiar with. Straight pipes, afterburners, straight 8 or V eight rumble
and flame...And our pick up line at the root beer stand was "hey ya wanna

So if you want to try filling a drum with "combusted auto gasses", mingle
these with residual and cutting generated fumes, add ambient oxygen, and
apply a spark producing tool; get all the uninformed trusting living souls
out of your vacinity, inform 911 there is good probability an accident may
happen at your address and have at it.

However there are risks we can enjoy and will survive, I feel I got about 40
good years in me yet, hey, wanna play, wanna ride? Come see the
afterburners on my rumbling fire breathing kiln.

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Clarkdale, Arizona
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