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misc: borax, 1050c-1060c clay

updated tue 24 jan 06


Lili Krakowski on mon 23 jan 06

Taylor. Forgive me. I had to laugh. You obviously are not the family =
laundryman! If the Supermarket boxes are not enough for you, check out =
the Dial Corp and US Borax on the internet and maybe you can get bigger =
bags from something specialized like a farm supply place--where I get my =
bicarb of soda.

Annapoorna's problem with a clay body 1050 -1060 C is not easy to solve.

Annapoorna: The problem is that you have not given us any list of what =
materials you can get. Nor have you told us whether, were you live =
there are folk/peasant potters nearby. Nor do I know whether Indian =
custom would allow an educated woman like you to go visit such potters =
and seek their help.=20

Last week, under cullet, we discussed its availability and use. It can =
be added to clay bodies. No idea how that works. Have checked all my =
books, which ALL are vague...and I found no recipes for what you want. =

I think that the first thing you might want to do is see if there are =
frits to be had in India, and what they cost. Because frits can be used =
in the making of clay bodies. And then you need to tell us what you CAN =
get, and what the firing temperature of the different clays you can get =
is. A genuine china factory or like that, people who make plates and =
cups industrially might be a good source of information. Again, I have =
no idea what local customs are, but here and I expect in Europe such =
people would be helpful....

I would not hold out for white clay....if you must use dark clay, fall =
back on slips. =20

Please: do let us know what you can get, what materials are available to =

All good wishes.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage