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humor/ rant: schlepping to nceca (for joyce)

updated wed 25 jan 06


W J Seidl on tue 24 jan 06

I have reached a point in my life where I am no longer willing to be put =
by others laziness. Call it stubbornness, call it what you will. I =
refuse to be inconvenienced because others can't or won't do their jobs, =
exercise common courtesy.
For example; walking down a busy crowded sidewalk, I will no longer get =
of the way for a gaggle of 20-somethings who decide (in typical herd
mentality so common to the young these days) to group together as they =
and force everyone else to the side. I just stop where I am, and force =
to move around ME. Of course I still move for those older than I am, =
the physically handicapped etc. but I have as much right to the =
sidewalk as
everyone else. I've paid those dues.

To that end, a few years back I decided to apply this to the airlines as

If my flight is delayed, which means that on reaching a connecting =
I must run at top speed to the next gate to make a connection, I do not. =
refuse. I go to the nearest counter, explain that I am going to miss my
connection because their airline delayed the flight, and tell them that =
I am
"not physically capable" of running to make it (no, it's not a lie). =
call a cart, and see to it that I make that flight, sometimes calling =
to hold the plane. After all, it's their fault, not mine. Why should I =
inconvenienced because THEY can't keep to a schedule?

With connecting flights, there is also now a commonly expected "chance" =
your luggage is no longer going to make the connection, even if by some
miracle you DO. BAH!=20
I am not going to schlep luggage like a demented sherpa on speed through =
unfamiliar airport, scurrying from one gate to another like a cow led to
slaughter (and you KNOW we're all treated like cattle, don't you?) =
I have adopted the practice of sending my luggage on ahead, via FEDEX. =
it as you normally would, put the suitcase in a box, and send it a day =
of time, so that it is waiting for you on your arrival. (Just call the =
and let them know it is coming, and ask that it be held for you.) I did =
for Baltimore, I'm doing it for Portland, I've done it dozens of times =
over the planet. It has always arrived on time, and in better shape =
than if
the airline gorillas were to handle it. I send it home the same way. =
it's not as cheap as letting the airlines do it, but it IS more secure, =
I have never had one "lost", leaving me without so much as a toothbrush =
in a
city on the other side of the continent.
Now, with that inconvenience out of my way, I'm free to meander through =
airport with only my fanny pack, my book and tickets.

My next trick is going to be to find a way to eliminate (circumvent) the
demeaning practice of having us remove our shoes for "security". I'm
thinking that those diving slip-ons that are worn under water would =
All silicone, no metal to trigger the detectors, and you won't have to
expose your clean socks to those FILTHY germ-ridden airport carpets, =
with "god-only-knows what was pressed into it" from thousands of =
fungi-ridden hooves trotting over them. What goes through my mind =
the shoe removal and replacement was that it only took ONE deranged =
trying to do something STUPID and light his shoe in an airplane to
inconvenience hundreds of thousands of the rest of us.

If I throw a cheap pair of white socks on OVER them, the idiots in TSA =
even look twice. Perhaps wear SOCKS ONLY, and just throw them away

But don't get me started should see how they look at boas!

Wayne Seidl

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in the Mojave preparing for NCECA....... I have plane reservations and
think that is the best way to go in March crossing the mountains..... =
I'd sure like to drive and have room for all the "stuff" I've =
to take along. Wonder if mailing a box to myself at the Red Lion would