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humor: re: important/nceca/hotel

updated fri 27 jan 06


W J Seidl on thu 26 jan 06

SO let's see...
Wednesday night, A rousing round of "Flummox the Desk Clerk", with =
for the person(s) who turn the desk clerk's face AT LEAST as red as your =
(no, no pink boas allowed )

Thursday early evening, the naked boa conga line through the halls, =
up in the hotel bar, yeah Logan, socks allowed

Friday, spin the 2X4 in Mel's room, sure to be standing room only.

No one gets pinched?
Aw Gee, Mayor Mel... I can think of a few people that...oh, never mind =

On a serious note, thanks for all your hard work. Even when we make =
of it, it is sincerely appreciated.

Wayne Seidl
(yes, that is only a joke, folks...there are no prizes. ROFL)
Does anyone know when the bars close in Oregon? Do the bars close in OR?

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From: Clayart [mailto:CLAYART@LSV.CERAMICS.ORG] On Behalf Of mel =
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 6:01 PM
Subject: important/nceca/hotel

i have just gotten off the phone with
the manager of the red lion hotel.

we are booked into 174 rooms.
that means almost 250 folks at least.

i want us/clayart folks to use that
hotel's services.
they are going to open the bar in the
morning for a light breakfast fare/also
have their restaurant open in the morning
for full breakfast menu. (that only holds 60 people.) so, you can have =
choice. i hope they will do the same for lunch.
lite lunch in the bar room. just for us.
we are not going to cater anything. just use the hotel
services. no one then gets pinched.

they do not normally serve drinks until 4.
so, they could do a lite lunch in there at noon.
full bar from 4 til close.

they seem to understand that we are to be left alone.
just let us do our thing. that should not be a problem.

i am negotiating all the prices and fees now.
we should be fine. with the dollar constraints
on acers, we are going to keep this as tight as possible.
if we have to pass the hat, we will.
but, i am sure we will make things just fine.
the hotel is very pleased with out booking.
that helps a great deal, no surprises.
remember, the entire hotel is booked on my visa card. good.
the mayor.
from mel/

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