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info re: american studio potttery

updated mon 30 jan 06


Lili Krakowski on sat 28 jan 06

Taylor: thank you for asking.

Much of the information about American Studio potters and pottery is on =
the Internet. Not all the names I listed are but most appear in =
mentions of others. If you start with Taxile Doat the references lead =
you to many others.

As to books, I raided my shelves for:

"The Art that is Life": the Arts & Crafts Movement in America, =
1875-1920, Little Brown, 1978, ISBN 0-8122-2554-5, paperback.

"A Century of Ceramics in the United States, 1878-1978, Garth Clark and =
Margie Hughto, E.P. Dutton, 1979. ISBN is
0-525-47574-5, paper, 0-525-07820-7, cloth

"American Potters and Pottery", John Ramsay,Tudor Publishing Co, 1947

"History of American Ceramics: The Studio Potter" Paul S. Donhauser =
Kendal/Hunt Publishing Co. 1978, ISBN 0-8403-1864-2

"Techniques of the World's Great Masters of Pottery and Ceramics" No =
author, but Consultant Editor: Hugh Morley-Fletcher, Chartwell Books, =
Inc. 1984. ISBN 0-89009-546-9 This last was not helpful at all, but =
my is it a purty book!

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage

Taylor, in Rockport TX on sun 29 jan 06

Thanks Lili:

You have done some of my preliminary bib. work. Mucho gracias. I am
certainly doing this for myself. I think one of the steps to eventually
earning the title "potter" is a clear understanding of one's forbearers in
clay. I figure to cut the Ram's Head in on what I find interesting.

Clay Festival at Rockport/Fulton High School in 6 days! Lord, help

Taylor, in Rockport TX