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want studio space in dortmund,germany

updated mon 30 jan 06


denys on sun 29 jan 06

Subject: Studio space in Dortmund ,Germany?

Hello clayarters,I find myself going to Dortmund, Germany for several months
this April and am looking for a place to continue my ceramic work I would
appreciate hearing about some kind of pottery,sculpure studio,and just
ideas on how to connect with clay folks in that area.
I am primarily a handbuilder,bas - relief figuative clay artist,and examples
of my work can be seen on my website at

I also plan to travel in Germany,Holland,France and possibly Spain and
Morocco,so I would also want to see studios,exhibitions and meet clay
workers in these countries also.

I will be in Portland,

thanks in advance
Denys James

Denys James Discovery Art Travel
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