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2006 workshops: steph's revival tileworks

updated tue 31 jan 06


Stephani Stephenson on sun 29 jan 06

Hi folks I am going to get back into teaching a bit this year!
Following is a slate of workshops I will be offering in 2006.
I may be adding some visiting artist workshops as time goes on .
Also, if some of you want to get together with your friends or local=20
ceramics group and come to a workshop, talk to me! I may be able to=20
teach a workshop for you which will coincide with your travel plans. (I=20=

would say you would need to have a minimum of 6 people.)
Also if you have an interest in teaching a workshop in this area, let=20
me know. The studio is a working studio, but it is also a great setting=20=

for education and , of course, enjoyment of coastal breezes and balmy=20
weather....which can occur even when one is working at a furious, even=20=

midwestern sort of pace!
updates will be on my webpage

All workshops, with the exception of the Clay Crewe workshop take place=20=

in Encinitas, California.

Relief Tile Workshop : May 6 , 7 Saturday, Sunday 10 AM-4 PM . $200
Clay Crewe Workshop . 2 weeks. June 19-30, 2006 NOTE: LOCATION:=20=

Ceramica Botanica and Garden Clay Romp . July 20- 24. 5 days. $350
Ceramic Sculpture : The Human Form. August 10-14. 5 days. $500
Architectural Ceramics : September 21-25 . 5 days. $500
Tilemaking : October 12-16 . 5 days . $500

Relief Tile Workshop: Stephani Stephenson
May 6 , 7 Saturday, Sunday
10 AM-5 PM $200
Topics include claybodies, moist clay forming techniques and=20
traditions , relief tile, design and design transfer, drying , firing ,=20=

glazing methods, installation. participants will make a relief tile.=20
Moldmaking will be discussed and demonstrated. Limit 15

Clay Crewe Workshop . UTAH Location. contact

or June 19-30, 2006 2 week immersion: Location =
Elder high School, near logan, Utah. Limit 30. 2 weeks $800.
Instructors: Stephani Stephenson, Dave Finkelnburg, Lee=20
Burningham, Alex Solla, Gail Philips and Zan Burningham
Throwing. Firing. Glaze Calculation and Formulation.=20
Architectural Ceramics, Tile, Website Development, Cone 6 glazes,=20
Logos/chop Design. more info at=20

Ceramica Botanica and Garden Clay Romp ! . Stephani Stephenson
July 20-24 . Thursday- Monday. 5 days. $350
Sculpture? fountains ? tile? birdbaths ? large handbuilt pots ?=20=

What have you always wanted to make for your garden or outdoor =20
environment? Nearby Quail botanical Gardens and the plant forms of S.
California may serve as inspiration or bring your own ideas =20
and enthusiasm. . Instruction , guidance and studio time . In the=20
spirit of adult shared learning. Limit 10

Ceramic Sculpture : The Human Form: Stephani Stephenson
August 10-14, 2006.5 days. Thursday-Monday. $500
Mornings: traditional figure studies, with emphasis on=20
observation and modeling the human form in clay . Includes time=20
working with life model. Participants will work with water based=20
modeling clay and
may chose to work on full body pose , torso , bust or=20
portrait. Small figurative sketches made during this session can be=20
used as inspiration for future work. Some Life drawing or sculpting=20
experience helpful but all levels of experience welcome.
Afternoons: Observation and interpretation of human form with an=20=

emphasis on making pieces which will be fired. Techniques include slab=20=

, coil and hollowing out. Work may be purely figurative or may
combine pottery forms and figurative forms, etc. Instruction on=20=

anatomy, perception, aesthetic and technical issues, surface=20
treatment, drying , firing , etc.
Participants will work with pottery and sculpture clay . Cost=20
includes model fee, one bag of modeling clay and one bag of sculpture=20=

clay. Additional clay available at studio.

Architectural Ceramics : Stephani Stephenson
September 21-25 Thursday -Monday. 5 days $500
Freeform and modular construction techniques . Pressing ,=20
extruding , slabs, design, design transfer, measuring , firing ,=20
glazing and installation. History and background. Students will=20=

complete group projects such as door surround, column or arch. Limit=20

Studio Tilemaking : Stephani Stephenson
October 12-16 Thursday - Monday. 5 days . $500
Making field and decorative tile. Topics include claybodies,=20
forming techniques and traditions , relief sculpture, relief tile,=20
design and design transfer, drying , firing , glazing methods,=20
installation. Participants will make tiles and molds and learn=20
techniques used in studio scale tilemaking. Limit 10

I make a living as a tilemaker and ceramic sculptor/architectural=20=

ceramist. I have been working in clay since 1980 .
This is my working studio. Sometime in 2006 it will also become=20=

home to a working pottery. The studio is large, spacious, with coastal=20=

breezes and plenty of indoor and outdoor workspace, and with shade=20
cloth outdoors for nice working temperature and light, in fact the=20
studio light is wonderful and it is an optimum place to work year=20
round, I am looking forward to the hum of learning and claywork to=20
fill the studio! Right now the studio is set up for handbuilding, tile=20=

and architectural ceramics . Focus of the workshops will be on forming=20=

skills, designing, developing your work. business aspects, drying ,=20
firing and glazing processes. The studio also includes quite a nice=20
resource library, resources for glaze calculating and mixing,=20
moldmaking, and working with clay in most ways. Currently there are no=20=

wheels. There is plenty of table space and also ample , nice smooth =20
cement floor space for layout, etc. Also there is a pleasant picnic=20
area, and simple kitchen set up: microwave, hot plate, barbecue, small=20=

fridge with a small freezer, coffee and tea maker, etc. There are=20
plenty of nearby places for getting groceries or going out to eat.=20
We'll have snacks at the studio as well.We may do either a barbeque=20=

party at the studio or one down at Moonlight Beach!

The studio is located quite near the Pacific Ocean and also=20
quite near Interstate 5 . We are 20 miles north of San Diego ,=20
California and 90 miles south of downtown Los Angeles . The area is=20
served by Palomar airport in Carlsbad, Lindbergh field in San Diego,=20
the Coaster Train, which links it with San Diego other coastal=20
communities. and AMTRAK . The nearest hotel is a Holiday Inn express=20
which is only two tenths of a mile away, a short walk. The hotel is =20
reasonably priced and provides a continental breakfast. There are many=20=

other accommodations within 1-3 miles , in Encinitas Off of I-5 and=20
Pacific Coast Hwy 101) and also nearby South Carlsbad (Legoland,=20
Avenida Encinas.) . There are two California State beach campgrounds=20
within a few miles, though these book up fast during the summer. 5=20
day workshops are scheduled from Thursday - Monday, so travelers can=20
take advantage of midweek airfares.
The beaches of North San Diego county: Ponto, Swami=92s , Moonlight=20
Beach, are just down the hill. They are some of the nicest beaches=20
around. The studio is nestled in a flower growing area , flanked by=20
nurseries which grow orchids, poinsettias, and all kinds of lovely=20
succulents and flowers. The Quail Botanical Gardens is just up the=20
road, as are coastal estuaries which are great for hiking and bird=20
watching. . The area also has all kinds of good eateries , nightlife,=20
etc. as well as the fragrant sea air and moderate climate.
Please inquire for additional information on nearby lodging,=20
registration and further information on specific workshops.

best wishes!

Stephani Stephenson