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perspectives on history ; was re: lighting up? what is kef and

updated wed 1 feb 06


Taylor, in Rockport TX on tue 31 jan 06

Lili Smokin'?


I'm not sure why I bother. Lili's post and my post had absolutely nothing
to do with you, or your chosen mileu, or the chip on your shoulder other
than as a jumping off point. I don't care what your 'original' post said. I
am only remarking on Lili's contention that 'studio' pottery was alive and
well in America long before the 1950s.

>Of course they are relevant. If they weren't relevant opinions, the
>Smithsonian wouldn't be interested in their papers. Don't support your
>version of The Truth? That is a totally different issue.

I'm quite sure where this comes from, but once again Lee your one-trick-pony
don't hunt. You have no idea what I think on the subject, but you act as if
you do. It is really tiresome that all roads must be deflected to Lee's
Rome. As for the relevance of H and J's letters to LILI'S ASSERTION, the
Smithsonian's accession policy has no bearing. To borrow from Lili, neither
the authors of the letters nor the Smithsonian are canon law.

>It is not incorrect to think
>that what we know as studio pottery today was only getting started back

Well I'm finally glad you articlated your disagreement with Lili. However,
while Lili has offered to explain her assertion, you have done nothing but
steer your posts onto the same tired old roads you enjoy motoring down.
That is fine. You may continue to bang on your cracked kettle, but I dispair
of ever having a meaningful discussion with you on anything other than
pottery techniques.

Taylor, in Rockport TX

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for intellectual effect. Great
at parties too.]

Lee Love on wed 1 feb 06

Lili Smokin'?

On 2006/02/01 11:21:49, Taylor, in Rockport TX (
> Lee:
> I'm not sure why I bother.

Me neither, Only you know.

You should have stopped there or add something new to the discussion.

Lee Love
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"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."
--Leonardo da Vinci