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slippery slopes revisited

updated thu 9 feb 06


Lili Krakowski on wed 8 feb 06

Lee writes: "Lili, so how is it? I express the same opinion or I have
changed my mind and backpedaled. You can't have it both ways. Or,
maybe "Back Peddling means something different where you studied? It is
very difficult to have a discussion with someone who has the fundamental
truth and facts, not realizing that we are talking about opinions and ideas.

"Hey, I accept your understanding Lili. I think it is sincere.
But your "Swift Boat" crew are purposely misunderstanding
for their own purposes. That is pretty sad."

Lee: this is getting tiresome.

I have no idea what "back peddling" means. I think there is something
called "salt back" a form of bacon, and assume there are people who
peddle it. No idea. No matter where I studied, and what, it was not meat

No idea either what "your Swift boat crew" means?

No idea whether you changed your mind. You have
elaborated on -- essentially corrected--your original statement which was
quoting someone--it no longer is clear who, nor when--about there not being
studio pottery in the US before the 1950s. THAT is where all this began.
You have not said anything near "I misspoke" or "for the sake of brevity I
left out that..." You now have stated a lot more history, essentially
proving the original statement wrong. Fine. I really do no care.
Because , as I have said, I care about the Archives. And, as luck would
have it, this discussion has stirred interest among Clayarters to learn
more about--dare I say it?--Studio Pottery in America Before the 1950s.

You also have not explained--we all are waiting, I assure you--why you and
Mr McKenzie got the giggles about borrowing a Bauhaus design when you
apparently mocked the Bauhaus, and the spirit of that giggle tied in with
the way
I and several others read the Bauhaus/Outhouse comparison.

Am I misunderstanding anything here?

I am perfectly aware of the difference between fact and opinion.
And you present us with a interesting "demo piece".

The FACT is that I no longer eat raw eggs, and would not eat raw fish,
nor anything prepared by people who had handled raw eggs or fish without
thoroughly washing hands and tools in between.

Why? Because the FACTS are that raw eggs and fish, hence hands and
tools that have handled them, can be contaminated by salmonella.

In my OPINION it is a bad IDEA to risk salmonella.

There may well be a FACT that salmonella is not a problem in Japan, and that
my OPINION about raw eggs would not apply there. In other words
my OPINION would be based on inadequate research into the TOTAL FACTS.

Now you may or may not want to clarify your statements quoted.
Thanks to the good folk of Clayart--and coincidentally the current Ceramics
the business about Studio Pottery in the US before 1950 has been set
straight, and
as far as I am concerned the case is closed.